GreenLight Laser Therapy is a long lasting BPH treatment that uses laser technology to remove overgrown prostate tissue and rapidly restore the natural flow of urine. It evaporates the prostatic tissue that blocks the outlet of the bladder.

What Is GreenLight Laser Therapy?

When prostate enlargement obstructs the flow of urine, GreenLight Laser Therapy may be used. In a photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP), or GreenLight, procedure, the surgeon threads a thin tube known as a cystoscope into the urethra and up into the enlarged prostate.

Patients who undergo GreenLight Laser Therapy experience an almost immediate relief of symptoms, as well as an improvement in their urine flow. This procedure combines the effectiveness of a TURP surgical procedure with less risks and fewer side effects.

GreenLight Laser Therapy has been proven to have shorter recovery and fewer complications than traditional prostate surgery. Patients can be expected to return home the day of the procedure, and can resume their daily activities within a few days.

Who is a Candidate for GreenLight Laser Therapy?

Candidates include men with symptoms of BPH who are looking for an alternative to medications, or traditional invasive surgery procedures. For patients who are advised to undergo surgical therapy to treat their symptoms, GreenLight is often highly recommended as it has fewer risks than the traditional surgical prostate treatments.

For patients who suffer from prostate cancer or malignant prostate diseases, other treatment options are available.

Benefits of GreenLight

GreenLight Laser Therapy provides patients with quick relief from their urinary symptoms caused by BPH. It also allows them to return to their regular lives quickly, and has a short catheterisation period.

Rapid Improvement in Urinary Symptoms

GreenLight Laser Therapy gives patients an immediate improvement in urinary symptoms and urine flow. Patients typically experience symptom relief within 24 hours following the procedure. Patients have also noticed a significant improvement in their flow of urine after receiving the treatment.

Quick Return to Regular Life

This procedure also allows patients to return to their regular activities rather quickly. Overnight stays for recovery are not required, as they are with other surgical procedures, which allows patients to get back to their daily life almost immediately.

Short Period of Catheterisation

Unlike other surgical procedures for BPH, GreenLight Laser Therapy does not require patients to keep their catheter in for a long period of time. The catheter is usually kept in place no longer than 24 hours. Most patients are only required to keep it in for 6 hours.

More details about the procedure.

Typically, the procedure takes about 1 hour. After the operation, patients are transferred to the recovery ward, where they are monitored for about another hour to ensure that there are no problems.



The procedure does not require patients to stay overnight following the procedure, but in some cases, it may be necessary. Patients typically only spend one night in recovery, then may return home the following day.

Once the catheter has been removed, patients may return to their daily activities within a few days. It is recommended that strenuous activities should be avoided for a bit longer.

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