Spine surgery

Types of surgeries

• Open or endoscopic lumbar discectomy, laminectomy

• Cervical disc replacement

• Decompression and fusion by minimally invasive technique


Dr. Jeff D. Golan


Dr. Golan is a spine-focused neurosurgeon and associate professor at McGill University. He specializes in cutting edge minimally invasive and motion preservation surgery. He has performed over 3500 operations and is recognized by RIWO-Spine as a “Center of Excellence”.


Dr. Jeff D. Golan completed his pre-medicine and medical degrees at McGill University. His internship and residency in neurological surgery were completed at the Montreal Neurological Hospital and the McGill University Health Center in 2007. He went on to complete a clinical fellowship in spinal surgery at The Medical College of Wisconsin where he also participated in studies on spinal biomechanics. His research in quality of life and functional outcomes for patients with spinal oncology culminated with the Congress of Neurological Surgery awarding him the prestigious 2008 Ralph Cloward Fellowship Award which he completed at The Ohio State University, as a second fellowship, in Spinal Oncology and Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery.


Dr. Golan is an Associate Professor in the department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University. Over the years, he has honed his skills in minimally invasive spinal surgical approaches and techniques. He has also trained numerous residents, fellows, and physicians nationally and internationally on the use of advanced minimally invasive techniques. His current research focus is on functional outcomes following spinal surgery as well as translational research on disc preservation technology.


Dr. Golan’s clinical interests include microscopic and endoscopic treatments of spinal stenosis, disc herniation and nerve impingement, percutaneous spinal fusion techniques and motion preservation spinal alternatives.


Spinal endoscopy

Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeff Golan treats some of these patients with spinal endoscopy.

A first in Quebec.


Introduction to spine surgery

Whether you suffer from chronic, recurrent or acute pain, our surgeons specializing in lumbar and cervical spine surgery are committed to solving your problem with a personalized treatment plan. It will also help you with your rehabilitation after surgery. Whether you’re an amateur or professional athlete, a teenager …

Meeting with the surgeon

Before scheduling an appointment for a surgery, an initial consultation with the surgeon is required.

To schedule this appointment, you do not need to present a consultation request.

The consultation with the surgeon is intended to establish or confirm the condition for which a surgical procedure may be needed. It is also intended to determine whether you are a candidate for a surgery in an environment such as the Centre de chirurgie Mont-Royal.

Fees for a surgery

Once you’ve met with the surgeon, if a procedure is needed and you decide to be operated at the Centre, you will receive a quote detailing the fees associated with completing the surgery.

Fees can vary for the same surgery from one patient to the next depending on additional expenses related to supplemental examinations or post-operation needs, which sometimes vary from one patient to another depending on their medical profiles.


You can pay the surgical fees by credit card. You can also finance your surgery through companies such as Medicard or Medical Credit, see their website for additional information.

Making an appointment

Note that no consultation request is needed to make an appointment with the surgeon in private. However, whether you already have a surgical consultation request, an initial consultation with the surgeon is necessary and mandatory.

The purpose of the consultation with the surgeon is to determine whether or not surgery is required.


Schedule an appointment with the surgeon

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