Dr. Kevin Zorn

Specialty: robotic surgery and surgical care for BPH (prostate hypertrophy).

Dr. Kevin Zorn is an associate professor of urology at the University of Montreal (CHUM), sub-specializing in robotic surgery and BPH surgical care.

Dr. Zorn’s career has consistently been hallmarked by research and innovation. Among his many firsts, he was the first in Canada and Québec to use many new BPH technologies including Greenlight XPS, Rezum, iTind, Optilume, Aquablation, Zenflow and Urocross.

He has also been the first in Canada to introduce cutting-edge technologies including the Clarius and ButterflyIQ point-of care ultrasound (POCUS), as well as disposable AMBU4 cystoscopes for faster patient care and safety. He is among the first physicians globally to be named as a Center of Excellence for Rezum and Greenlight vaporization and VIT (vapor incision technique).

He is an international speaker and surgical trainer for these techniques. Dr. Zorn is the senior author of the Male LUTS/BPH guidelines for the 2018 and 2022 Canadian Urological Association and has been an invited reviewer of the American Urological Association BPH guidelines.

He has also helped create national online programs in robotic prostate cancer care and rehabilitation as well as a BPH patient decision aid tool.

Over the past 17 years, he has now authored 345 peer-reviewed publications and 12 book chapters on BPH and minimally invasive surgical care. With such accolades, Dr. Zorn has become a sought-after speaker, teacher and researcher. He has travelled to lecture, teach and proctor surgery around the world, and is intimately involved with the development of several new, pioneering BPH technologies.

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